Watch Battery Replacement

Watch Battery Replacement

If your timepiece has stopped, its likely to need a new battery. We offer a battery replacement and resealing service, which guarantees the water-resistant seal of your watch. Alternatively, if you require a speedy solution, we can simply fit a new battery without resealing while you wait.

If you have a quartz watch, it’s likely that you’ll require a new battery during the watch’s lifetime. Replacing your watch battery is essential to ensure accurate time-keeping and optimal performance. Additionally, if left too long without being replaced, then it could be at risk of leaking and causing damage to the movement, and if that happens, it will need to be fully serviced, and the movement exchanged, even if this is not due for several years.

If you have a daily watch which doesn’t go in the water and you would like a quick fix, a member of the team can fit a new battery in-store while you wait. In most cases, if your watch needs a new battery and it is a medium to luxury watch, we suggest having a battery and reseal.

When your watch has a battery and reseal, your watch is sent to our local workshop where the battery is replaced and sealed ensuring it is watertight. Your watch is then pressure tested, this ensures that your timepiece is water-resistant up to the watch’s specification. A battery and reseal needs to be booked in with a member of the team. If you are happy with the cost and timeframe, we will arrange for this to be completed.

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