Ethical Policies


This statement relates to the entire business operated by Lumbers Ltd in the United Kingdom:

  • Lumbers Jewellers

At Lumbers Ltd, it is important to us to do the right thing, and as a business we do our best to live up to this standard. With this in mind; we are committed to being fair, reasonable and responsible in all our interactions. We would certainly never knowingly engage with a supplier that was in any way involved in human trafficking, servitude, forced labour or any other aspect of modern slavery. However, we recognise that such people and organisations will take steps to conceal their true position, meaning that vigilance is always necessary.



It is important to all members of staff at Lumbers that we are vigilant and aware of potential vulnerable customers. Due to the nature of the business (high-end luxury watches and jewellery) we are aware that there may be some possible customers which have been taken advantage of or are in a vulnerable financial crisis. We are committed to taking reasonable and appropriate steps to identify these people and take appropriate steps to ensure that they are treated appropriately and with dignity.

It is inevitable that we will encounter potential customers who are vulnerable and not able to make informed decisions about their purchasing. We also work with our Interest Free Finance company, V12 Retail Finance, to ensure that anyone who is seen as vulnerable will not be subjected to contracts and agreements which they are unable to fulfil. This policy shows our commitment to ensuring the financial safety of any potential customers we come into contact with.  


3.0         OUR EMPLOYEES

At Lumbers, we believe our company is only as strong as our employees. We have an understanding and nurturing culture which is evident throughout our team. Being an independent jeweller, we have employees who have been with us for more than 30 years. Our staff turnaround rate is low, as our unique and caring team is more like a big family, rather than boardroom buddies. We all share the collective business values of respect, inclusiveness, excellence and responsibility.

We value diversity and inclusion because we believe each of our employees can make a unique contribution to our Company and the Lumbers brand. We recognise each employee’s knowledge and skills as an important source of organisational capability and competitive advantage.



Our Commitment

As a business we understand that our customers are increasingly concerned about responsibly sourced jewellery. Where our jewellery is made and how it is made is very important to us and our customers. We are always striving to be the best we can be both socially, ethically and environmentally. This also includes our suppliers; we have worked with some of our suppliers for many years and have a strong partnership because of it. As always Lumbers is consistently growing and developing as a business, ensuring that we meet these standards and continually looking for ways to improve and evolve.

Our Continued Progress

The jewellery industry is a diverse and fragmented sector which presents many challenges when trying to ensure the origin of products and their raw materials, in the global marketplace. However major improvements in standards and ethics have taken place in recent years. Our principle gold suppliers use recycled gold and our diamond suppliers conform to the Kimberley process. Founded in 2003, this process is an international initiative which was created to increase transparency within the diamond industry and to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds. The process is backed by stringent controls imposed on countries trading in rough and cut diamonds and is monitored closely by the World Diamond Council, with annual audits.

In addition, a process of “Benefication” was introduced with the intention of reducing the US and European influences by returning the processing and marketing of the diamonds back to the countries of origin, primarily within the continent of Africa. This is a continual process which has been hugely successful in generating wealth, which remains in the country and provides sustained employment both within and outside the diamond trade. As a result of this process Botswana is now a leading international diamond trading centre, with approximately 80% of the diamond profits remaining in country and helping to finance free schooling and free healthcare for its citizens. We will continue to support and promote any ethical processes that uphold the legitimacy of the diamond trade.