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Jewellery Repairs

At Lumbers, the majority of jewellery repairs are all carried out here on the premises. We have a wealth of understanding regarding repairs, with several of our sales team having experience of sitting at the jewellery bench. We can undertake repairs from simple chain breaks, through to completely re-designing and re-styling an unworn piece of jewellery. We will care for your jewellery from the moment you leave it with us, to the moment we return it to you.

Our team of jewellery craftsmen will look at jewellery of any age, make or style and will do everything they can to re- pair it. For your piece of mind, all repair work undertaken is guaranteed for 12 months.

Jewellery Cleaning and polishing

To keep your jewellery looking at its best, we recommend that you call in to see us about once a year so we can check your jewellery for wear and tear, and any loose stones. We can make sure that the settings are in good condition, and the stones are tight. At the same time we can clean the stones to make sure they sparkle just the way they did when you purchased them. If it is a special occasion, your jewellery can be sent to the workshop for a full polish and clean.

Ring re-sizing

Sometimes a ring needs to be re-sized. We carefully measure your finger to make sure that when re-sizing you have a ring that is the perfect fit. We use state of the art lasers to make sure the join is as seamless as possible. We can resize a ring in any metal, making a ring either larger or smaller. If a ring has become stuck on a finger, we have the necessary equipment to gently cut it off and remove.

Claw re-tipping

The part of a ring that often takes the most wear are the claws that hold the stones in place. Regular annual inspections make sure that we minimise the risk of losing a stone. Once the ring has been fully re-tipped, it will be good to wear for years to come. If you find that the claws on your ring are catching, make sure that you bring the ring into us, so that the claws aren’t pulled back when they catch. We can just smooth them down to make it more comfortable for you.

Pearl re-stringing

The best advice I can give you when wearing pearls is that they are the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Pearls and the silk they are threaded on, do not like perfume and hairsprays, so it is best to apply these first. Likewise, if you take them off first, they won’t be caught as you remove jumpers, etc. As Pearls are usually threaded on silk they require regular rethreading. We recommend that pearls that are worn several times a week are re-threaded on an annual basis, while pearls that are worn less frequently should be re-strung every couple of years. If the knots start to become frayed, then the necklace definitely needs attention. When re-strung the pearls will be slightly shorter and a little crinkled until the warmth of the body eases the knots and the silk.

To discuss our jewellery repairing services or make an appointment, please contact us: In store:
62 - 66 High Street Leicester
Call: 0116 255 1233
Email: office@lumbers.co.uk

Watch Servicing

A watch requires regular maintenance to make that it keeps good time and function, especially if the watch is a mechanical or automatic movement. The recommendation for the frequency of service varies from brand to brand, but on the whole we suggest between 3 and 5 years for a full service. A full service to the watch involves disassembling the watch into its constituent parts, cleaning, lubricating, replacing worn parts, then reassembling it.

Battery and reseals should be carried out either when the watch stops, or if you rely on the water-resistance of your watch, then the seals should be checked annually.

Our watch service

To give you some idea of the process that your watch goes through when returned for service, we have listed the steps below:-

  • Check the case, bracelet or strap for wear, tear and knocks
  • Remove the bracelet, open the case and remove the crown and stem, seals and mechanism
  • Reinstate the crown and stem and wind the movement
  • Check the hands, date, and any other functions on the watch
  • Inspect the escapement and adjust it if necessary
  • Completely disassemble the movement into its component parts
  • Replace any worn parts
  • Cleaning of all parts in specialist chemicals in state of the art cleaning machines
  • Reassemble movement
  • Lubricate the movement as necessary
  • De-magnetise, regulate and check the timing
  • Refit dial and hands
  • Clean and polish case and bracelet where appropriate
  • Replace seals and refit movement to case
  • Check timekeeping and regulate as required
  • The watch is then kept on test in a winding system until accuracy is reached.

To discuss our watch repair service or make an appointment, please contact us: In store:

62 - 66 High Street

Call: 0116 255 1233

Email: office@lumbers.co.uk


We are very proud to have 2 fully registered valuers here on the premises at Lumbers. Both are trained to the highest and most rigorous industry standards. Items for valuation stay here on the premises. All items are photographed and itemised for your peace of mind. We offer a same day service upon request. We can also offer home visits for large collections of jewellery.

Call: 0116 2551233
Email: valuations@lumbers.co.uk


We can engrave inside wedding rings, presentation items and trophies. Please contact us for the all the options that are available on engraving.

Call: 0116 2551233
Email: office@lumbers.co.uk